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Sea Wench Naturals

Personal Care, Pet Care and Home Care Products

Sea Wench is uniquely Clayoquot Sound... all natural, in a place surrounded by ancient forests, mountains, pristine rivers, diverse wildlife and fresh, clean ocean air.

Still produced in small, personal hand-made batches, the Sea Wench line of cleansing, healing, nourishing and uplifting products includes only natural, non-harmful, environmentally friendly ingredients and processing. Taking care to ensure quality and environmental integrity in everything made, Sea Wench products are made with loving care and dedication to full circle goodness, from Earth to human and back again.

Many of the plants used are grown and tended in the gardens in Clayoquot Sound. Seaweeds and wild ingredients are gathered and extracted on site. Essential oils are made from flowers and leaves immersed in only the finest of oils and ingredients.

See the list of Sea Wench Natural body care products and Sea Wench Natural hair care products we also carry.

If you are looking for a particular Sea Wench Natural item and do not see it on this list, please feel free to call us at 604-261-0333, as we may have it in the store.

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Personal Care

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Bug Off Repellant

Keep bugs at bay with this wonderfully aromatic blend of plant and herb extracts and essential oils. This bug repellent is safe for kids, pets and the planet.
Ingredients: Organic plant and herb extracts, essential oils, aloe, witch hazel & pure grain alcohol.

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Essential Oils - Individual

Essential Oils are so very special to Sea Wench and they value the support and balance that they can bring. They are not meant to diagnose, treat or prescribe but to support and enhance well-being. We carry a variety of individual oils including: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

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Essential Oils - Blends

Essential oil blends are synergistic combinations of oils that work well together, enhancing the power of the individual oils. They are formulated to support and enhance well-being as well as assist in promoting specific responses such as relaxation or energy. We carry a variety of essential oil blends including: Breathe Relief, Calm, Clarity, Headache Relief, Spirit Lifter and Stress/Anxiety Relief.

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Sea Foam Bubble Bath

Sea Foam Bubble Bath. A Thalasso Aromatherapy with Lush Sea Herbals of Kelp, Dulse & Bladderwrack. A fusion of Botanical extracts & Hydrating "skin soother's". A Nutrifying, Fortifying, Therapeutic soak.

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Sol Mate Natural SunScreen

A natural blend of skin conditioning ingredients and natural sun screens. Organic botanicals and oils assist the skin to hydrate and cool itself. Plant extracts and natural minerals assist in reducing the damaging effects of exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Assists in offering protection comparable to SPF 25*. A natural alternative for sensitive skin and the environment.

Pet Care

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4 Paws Pet Wash

An Aromatic, therapeutic, 'fido'connection to land & sea with nature's healing herbals, extracts & replenishing oils. 4 Paws Pet Wash is a super gentle cleanser with restorative botanicals that is both both anti-inflammatory and anti-itch. A pleasurable synergy for the ultimate in your pet's coat and skin care.

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Spot On - Dog's Skin & Fur Therapy

A therapeutic solution to your pet's dermatitis, itchiness & hot spots. Deodorizes and leaves a great scent & healthy coat and creates an environment that deters parasites and fleas. A natural antibiotic & disinfectant. Ingestion through licking is non-harmful.

Home Care

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Natural Dish Soap

Our soaps are made with organically grown herbs, botanicals & solar infused to make those special healing & soothing medicinal oils. Only the best cold pressed virgin olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, coconut, shea & cocoa is used in all our soaps.
We use the finest pure essential oils, extracts, powders & our soap is super fatted at the trace with organic cold pressed Canadian berry fruit seed oil. From our gardens & ocean shores to you.